Connecting rain gutters to a french drain system


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Cool Connecting rain gutters to a french drain system

Using white drain pipe, with holes down, we've installed a french drain system. Can we connect the house's downspouts to it? With the holes (pointing down) will the water exit the pipe before doing any good or will the combination of the below ground water entering the pipes carry it down our system?
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too much of a good thing

Since in a heavy rain you get about a gazillon gallons of water down your gutter drains you would likely overwhelm the limited capacity of your french drain system. It is usually a very good idea to pipe rain water away from your house to lessen the quantity of sub surface water trying to get underneath your home. That's a pretty big job but you can do it with a little research about proper drainage and a rental trencher. Best of luck with your project...38 years in the business and still learning...greensboro_man

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i dont' think you should. here people use the flexible black french drain pipe, connect it to the downspout, then lay it in a gravel lined trench sloping away from the house. get the pipe with the cloth membrane to keep the dirt out of there, bury it in the same kind of clean crushed rock you used to bury the french drain around the footing.
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Connecting rain gutters to a french drain system

You should be OK.

The white plastic will carry far more water than the black wrinkled pipe. There will be times when yo cannot carry all the water, but it still will be better than no pipe. It will recover from the temporary excess.

You were smart to put the holes at 4:00 and 8:00. so they will collect more water fron the ground and carry it away.

The prevention of silt getting into the pipe is important just as the prevention of the water from exiting the pipe and stirring up the clay and silt is important. A well graded (not all coarse) clean gravel around the pipe is important. The filter also keeps things in place and the water draining reliably.

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One more reason not to

If you did connect your gutters to a french drain system, do you mean all of them into one? I believe if only one downspout were connected to to a closed french drain system it would surely completely fill that system to overflowing in any heavy downpour. This would cause alot of water to gush from the connection right at your foundation which is the last place you would want that to happen. Getting the excess water away from your home is important for a number of reasons, piping it away would likely be the best choice. Best of luck with your project....38 years in the business and still learning....greensboro_man

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