Bamboo or other privacy shrub


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Bamboo or other privacy shrub

I need to put up some type of privacy barrier between my backyard and my neighbors. We recently removed some very large pine trees and now get to see a little too much of my neighbors. I really like bamboo's look but am concerned about it spreading out of control.

Are there any varieties of bamboo that don't spread as easily? Any other shrubs that create good barriers quickly? Right now, my plan B is some ornamental grasses.

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think long and hard

Whatever you plant think long and hard before you plant bamboo, It can be very difficult to control and in the real word it most often gets out of hand. Don't let your desire for a quick screen cause you to choose a plant that you will later regret. There are many larger growing evergreen plants to chose from, I don't know what area you live in but your local garden center or agricultural extention agent would be an excellent sorce of information. larger plants are certainly more expensive but that is the best way to get instant screening. Remember if you chose a super fast growing plant so it will hurry up and give you the screen you desire it will usually keep right on growing and growing and growing.... . So.. chose the right plant that is appealing to you, is approiate for the area your're planting, prepare the soil correctly for planting, give your new plants xtra good care during their first year and all will be well. Best of luck with your project...38 years in the business and still learning greensboro_man
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there a less aggressive bamboo varieties on the market. you may also consider cypress, holly,firethorn as screen and wildlife friendly habitat.
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There are basically two types of Bamboo, running and clumping. Lots of places will tell you that the clumping is non-invasive. WRONG! Clumping just moves slower and is easier to eradicate than the running Bamboo. Running Bamboo will send out runner shoots and is a nightmare to get rid of because it keeps popping up. Clumping will just keep expanding as a blob, even over concrete blocks designed to contain it. Unless you want to build a concrete bunker around it, don't plant any Bamboo actually in the ground (some of it works wonderfully in pots.)

I say this having spent easily a month getting rid of a "non-invasive" mass of clumping Bamboo that destroyed a fence and was after my neighbor's shed next.

FWIW, I use Oleander to screen my ugly view. Grows very fast and fills in nicely.

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