pre-emergent weed control


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Cool pre-emergent weed control

I understand that the bast way to prevent weeds from invading your mulched beds is to use a pre-emergent weed control and use some round-up if any do pop up later. Now Im not sure about the laws in other states but I know in New Jersey you have to have some sort of Pesticide License. Wether it be for commercial or personal use. Now my question is; would I need to have that license to buy pre-emergent weed control or a strong round-up or any sort of lawn fertilizer? Any suggestions on any certain kind or brand of the pre-emergent weed control or a good lawn fertilizer?
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I would think that homeowners do not need licenses to spread weed contol or roundup - (Don't you think that it would be ridiculous for every homeowner to have to apply for a license? Think about it)they may be talking more about professional landscape companies -

We used to live in NJ, and used Scott's fertilizer plus Halts at this time of year- it worked great...
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You should be able to find what you need at a local lawn and garden center. While not all chemicals are available in all areas, you should be able to find the ones you need at your stores.

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