azalea relocation

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azalea relocation

Forgive my spelling but anyway...looking to relocate a large old azalea...does anyone know the best way in order to salvage this beauty?
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Transplant large azalea

You didn't say exactly how big the azalea you want to transplant is but this will give you a general plan. On the first day water the plant and surrounding soil very well. The next day clear any mulch or debris away from the soil underneath the limbs of the azalea down to bare soil. Mark a circle on the soil around the trunk of the plant appx. three feet in diameter. With your shovel dig at a 45 degree angle all the way around your circle, being careful not to bend down on the shovel, just slice through the roots. Overlap each shovel plunge a little so you will be sure to cut all the lateral roots. (Helpful hint: with a flat file sharpen the cutting edge of your shovel this will make cutting through the roots alot easier.)

After you have completed cutting around the circle dig a trench all the way around the plant using the circle you just cut as a guide. Don't disturb the soil inside of your circle, you will want to keep that area of root zone as intact as possible. By digging up the azalea you are greatly reducing its' root mass so you must try to preserve the much smaller root mass inside the circle.

On the positive side Azaleas naturally have a very dense root system near their trunk so they are eaiser to transplant sucessfully than many other large plants.

After you have completed your trench, which should be about a foot wide and a foot deep all the way around use your shovel ( it really helps to have one of those long skinny transplanting shovels ) to cut the remaining roots underneath the plant. This means cutting almost horizontally pushing the shovel in as far as you can.

Next you get a friend who I hope has been helping you all along to push his shovel in right next to yours and then you both push down together. Do this in each quarter of the circle and if all went well your large azalea will be free with no roots holding on.

Preparing the new location is VERY important. Hopefully the new spot will have some tall shade and well drained soil. Prepare the soil by adding ground pine bark soil conditioner (appx three 2 cubic foot bags for one big azalea) to the new site and throughly rototill the conditioner into the soil. This will leave the area elevated which is good , remember azaleas cannot tolerate poorly drained soil, this elevation will help. Dig a shallow hole in the center just deep enough to come even with your root ball. Get some help and place the azalea on a plastic tarp and carefully transport it to its' new home.

Place it carefully in the new hole, pack the xtra soil firmly around the root ball, cover a large area around the new plant with a thick layer of mulch, give the plant and surronding soil a good deep soaking and everything should be fine. A good soaking with a water soluble fertilizer such as Miracle Grow would be good about every two weeks this spring.

Your biggest challenge will be watering the plant during any time when there isn't good rainfall and of coarse this summer you will need to water deeply twice a week unless it rains alot. I hope this helps...38 years in the business and still learning..greensboro_man

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