Planting Bed as Grading solution


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Planting Bed as Grading solution

I have a low spot against the house in an otherwise properly graded back yard. Obviously, I want to keep water from collecting against the foundation. Unfortunately, I can not add any more soil to this area, as it is already within about 1-2" of the bottom boards of siding. So, I was thinking that creating a small 12" planter bed would both serve as a buffer of sorts to fix the grading problem and look attractive.

My question, is that I, of course, need to do something to protect the approx. 6-8" on the side of my house that would form the back wall of the planter. Should I do this with masonry, or would a single, uninterrupted sheet of PVC pond lining-type plastic serve to protect the wood? I'm a bit afraid that it may only trap moisture against the wood.

Answers/advice on this or an alternative solution would be greatly appreciated.
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A raised bed would address the question of keeping the water away from the house. If the bed is stopped before reaching the wall, moisture should not be a concern. Build it in the manner of a berm, a raised bed with no supported sides; or with supports. Just build it away from the wall.

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