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Question Tree ?

We are looking for some trees to put in the back corners of our yard, looking for something to give a little color and contrast to the Silver and Autum Blaze Maples (currently they are 8' high)we have up closer to the house. The back lot line is 175' and about 100' from the house and 25+' to the nearest trees. The area we want to plant the trees are in a depression and are almost always damp, the soil is about 1' of black dirt, then below that is a mixture of heavy clay and sandstone. We live in SE MN. Any suggestions on trees to go there? We are thinking River Birches, but not sure how they'll do.

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There is a range of trees that do well in damp soil. This article from Iowa State University lists the trees and their characteristics. http://************/mhpwc

Hope this helps.
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That gives some good ideas of trees to look at. When we first moved in we had gotten 8 potted lilacs for free. Without thinking of the soil we put them down in the corners - all 8 died by the end of the summer - most likely drowned. Not so bad with free bushes but not something I want to see after spending money on trees.
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There is another cool tool that you can specify trees for wet soil conditions...
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That's a cool tool - period! Thanks for the link. I've been looking for something like that; complete with pictures!

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