backyard leveling

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backyard leveling

I am thinking about leveling out my backyard it is flat for the most part, in the back it has a 5-6' tall hill the width of the back yard. I want to level this out and install a retainer wall, I have access to a bobcat and have experience operating one. How DIY is this whole project, retaining wall and all?
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Been there done that!

I actually just did the same thing you are talking about. I built a 92 foot long X 3 1/2 high retaining wall. I regained about 9 feet of my property taken up by a hill. Well worth it! For you 5-6 feet will take longer because you will have to use geogrid to bolster the strength of the wall. Here's the company I used and their instructions to help out...

I would recommend hiring someone with bobcat knowledge; however, if you have unlimited access to a bobcat, it might take time and patience to get the hang of it. Renting one for $100+ a day might be steep if you wind up just learning for a day. It took the guy I hired 1 1/2 to clear my hill, since he was really good.

Anyway, it took 3 1/2 days to install my interlocking cement block wall. It took a lot of hard work, but it looks good. You can do it. I suggest 2-3 people helping since one can be laying the block while the other pours gravel.

One note of caution. Take all the time in the world with the first layer of block (if you go that route) Making sure each one is level and straight is crucial. Mine has a couple of places where it was unlevel. You can't tell in the beginning, but as you pile layers you will notice it more and will stand out.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by lamerem
I have access to a bobcat and have experience operating one.
you're good to go!

this project is not one thats all too difficult to do by yourself. just follow the standards and you'll be alright. many brick companies make interlocking blocks that fit beautifully right into each other. *some* dont even need adhesive. i emphasize some because they are few.
as far as the geogrid goes, that wont take up too much time. its just a matter of putting it between two layers of block (at 3 feet high) thats not time consuming at all.
my advice to you is have the modified stone delivered on site. use your bobcat and try to get the fork attachment too. you can have pallets of stone delivered to your house. then, you can just use the bob cat to move the stone right to your site.

as smallz said, take caution to make sure everything is level. level every single one on the bottom layer.
dont forget drainage!

p.m. for more info

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