flagstone patio on uneven ground

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flagstone patio on uneven ground

I have an uneven slope in back yard that runs towards the house. I am trying to lay a flagstone patio. My wife and I are near divorce because of difference in opinion on how to resolve the slope. What is the best way to do this. w end is nearest to house and high end is farthest, dig high end down, build low end up, or build a wall around it???? Please help, before it is too late.
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If it were me, I would dig into the slope to create a flat, even pad for the patio. Then put a retaining wall (and maybe terraces) near the high end of the slope, which would be the back side of your patio. What you don't want is the slope running towards your house since that creates an nice channel for water and mud. If you slope your patio just slightly to one corner and install a dry well with a drain, that will keep water from pooling on the patio.
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We have the same thing. Our backyard sloped down towards our house. At the bottom of the stairs of the deck during the winter/springs months would almost always be a pond from the rain collecting. We had a brick patio installed from a pro and they cut into the high end and then sloped the patio to the left, not even noticable but it pushes the water away from the stairs.
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A little more info may help also

how sever a slope? 6" every 10' (that type of thing)
how big (or long) the patio will be

If the the slope isn't to severe, I would maybe build up to the slope with a step across the front
If it is severe, I would dig out, but fill in closer to the house instead of the half and half approach (dig out and build up at the same time)
since no matter how much you slope it you will be still have the water run back to the house becasue of the slope on the rest of the yard, installing a drain at one corner (doesn't really matter) and have the drain carry the water away from the yard will probably be worth the 1/2 day or so of digging and laying 4" PVC.

good luck - in the same situation and going through the same debate with myself right now (no wife )

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