Roots 1-6 inches deep


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Roots 1-6 inches deep

What's the best way to go about getting rid of roots that are 1-6 inches deep? Some roots are small and some are about 3 inches thick.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Roots 1-6 inches deep

Some trees have roots that are very shallow and you can't change that.

If you remove or damage too many, you will lose the tree.

If you value the tree, it would be good to pay for an honest opinion on the options. A local arborist knows your local trees and how to keep and manage them.

If you don't really care about the tree, plant some desireable trees in good locations as insurance and hack away at the shallow roots. The big tree may last a year or so, and may let the new trees get a start if the shallow roots don't take all the food.


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