Spiral Junipers

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Spiral Junipers

I saw spiral junipers planted in a flower bed of a house and really liked the look. I have a newly constructed home and need landscaping which I am currently trying to plan. I did some research on spiral junipers and saw that they grow to a height of 15 feet. I think that is too high for my flower beds.
Does anyone know if there are dwarf spiral junipers??
Thanks for any input and advice....
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Yes, I believe there are. But best bet is to go to your local nursery, see it, read the label...it'll tell you max growth and go from there.
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Thanks for your reply!
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Spiral junipers

Spiral cut junipers are fairly easy to keep at a manageable height. Number one to do well they will need to be located in a sunny area. Junipers thrive in hot sunny areas and struggle in the shade.

Lets say that you purchased a 5 foot specimen.. you simply periodically trim off its' new growth as it shoots out being careful not to change the overall shape of the plant. Sharp garden sissors work well for this task. Junipers are among the most durable and hardy landscape plants and can handle this kind of trimming quite well.

Some junipers are susceptable to insect damage but the problem is easily controlable. Your local nursery, garden center, or agricultural extention agent can help you with this issue.

Don't forget proper feeding and watering. Junipers require less water than many other plants but during dry periods they need a good deep soaking from time to time.

There are a number of upright growing junipers suitable for spiral cutting, the one we use most often is "Bluepointe". Dwarf Alberta Spruce is a particularly slow grower but is more difficult for the amateur to properly prune.

Don't be put off by a label that says "grows to XX feet" If you allow plants to grow unhindered even the so called dwarf plants can become quite large.

Best of luck.. 38 years in the business and still learning, Greensboro_man
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Remove terminal bud when plant reaches desired height and continue to prune following original shape. Compact dense growth is desired, but sunlight still needs to enter center of plant to prevent die out. Selectively hand pruning to remove certain branches will allow light to center of plant.


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