catch basin pitfalls?


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catch basin pitfalls?

With my foundation wall cracking in several places, it's time to deal with external drainage issues. Got a patio that's pitched towards the house, hostas flowerbed against the house (with signs of settling), and the corner of the patio pools water and holds it against the house.

One guy wants to redo the patio, pitching it to drive water away from and around the house (house is pitched from back to front on a slope). Since with rain I already have water coming in on both sides in the basement, I want to pipe the water down the side of the house.

So instead of or in addition to redoing the patio, the suggestion is to put in a "catch basin" that will then be piped out to the front of the house.

I've mentioned external French drains, even just down 12", and get The Look. Given high water table, I'll need internal French drains anyway.

So aside from having to dig leaves out a couple of times a year, any other warnings about catch basins? I don't want to drop a bomb doing this and find it's useless in 5 years (or 20 years for that matter).
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It is always best to direct water away by grading rather than by piping it out after it is at the house. Good grading is generally no maintenance. Gutters and grading at the best start.

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