What to put in between flagstones in walkway


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What to put in between flagstones in walkway

We have a 50' X 3' walkway with flagstones with gaps of about 2"-3". Right now I have pea stones in between the flagstone and it's such a pain in the winter time. The snowthrower fires them like bb's and the shovel picks them up also. Not to mention the kids throwing them. I considered just using the blue stone dust but because of the big gaps I was afraid that would be tracked into the house, the same thing with mulch. Are there any moss type plants that could go in between the flagstones? Any other suggestions as to what to use in between?
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I thought this stuff would be a little different than the normal moss or the pea stones.

Thyme, Elfin – Thymus serpyllum – A creeping, very aromatic evergreen thyme that forms a dense mat. Tiny lavender flowers in summer. Ideal for planting between bricks or paving stones.

Easy to grow plants that do best in light, dry, well-drained soil. Very hardy. Grows to 2" in height, space 6" apart.

Thyme, Creeping Red - Thymus praecox subsp. arcticus A fast, low growing evergreen thyme valued for its fragrant foliage and a profusion of beautiful red flowers all summer long. This thyme creeps along the ground, making it an excellent choice between pavers or as a ground cover. Easy to grow in ordinary, well-drained soil.
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Another solution would be to brush mortar mix into the joints (dry) and then water the area with a fine mist.

The moss would certainly be more attractive but the mortar mix has the advantage of being no maintenance. Eventually you'll have a weed or 3 crop up in the moss.
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Would I leave the pea stone in the joints and then put the dry mortar mix on top of them so the stones would stick together. My father had suggested the same thing using cement.

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