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My neighbor waters his lawn for what seems like 3 hours a day almost every day. One problem of that is that the water drains in a 2 ft wide channel thru a section of my backyard. Main problem is that this channel runs right through our dog pen leaving it pretty muddy. I thought of digging a 1 ft trench and filling it with rock then covering it with sod, sort of like a dam. Do you think this will keep the water out of the dog pen? It seems to be only surface water.
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Neighbor of rain forest imitator

Firstly, I would suggest (gently) to your neighbor that his watering schedule may be setting the foundation for the loss of any large trees that he might have on his property and additionally he may be incourageing every turf disease known to man. It is an all too familier malady that many folks have most commonly known as the "if a little is good alot is better" syndrome.

But to your specific question, yes I would build some sort of berm if that would divert this unfortunate stream of water affecting your animals.

Excepting the time immediately after new seeding where frequent lite waterings are approiate, grass should be treated like most houseplants. That is they should be watered throughly and allowed to completely dry before another through watering. The idea is to mimic natural rainfall, a heavy watering followed by a good period of dry weather.

We have maintained high profile properties where the lawn next door was watered to excess and our property was getting a deep soaking appx. once a week during dry times, suffice to say our property had much healther, better looking turf using a fraction of the water used next door.

Best of luck with your project, 38 years in the business and still learning.. Greensboro_man
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A trench with gravel or perforated drain pipe to collect and divert water from your property would be in order. Care should be taken that your lawn and landscape plantings do not succumb to the effects of your neighbor's excessive watering. Lawns only need about an inch of water each week and can be accomplished with a weekly sprinkling if it does not rain.

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