Flat tire on wheelbarrow


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Flat tire on wheelbarrow

After lugging around 3 yds of good rocky clay-type sub-soil my wheelbarrow gave up and popped a flat tire.

I feel silly about it but my problem is that I can't figure out how to inflate it. The tire came entirely away from the rim. There is no tube inside. So when I hook up my trusty air machine the air comes out as fast at it goes in.

What am I doing wrong?
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The tire needs to seat on the rim. Get a belt or piece of rope with a loop in one end and put it around the tire. Pull it up tight as you put air into it. This helps "seat" the tire to the rim. Good luck.
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They are one the hardest to inflte back on the rim... the easiest way is go pick up a tube and install it in the tire... or ou can take the long route and wrap a rope around the center and tie it of.. take long screw driver slide betwen the tire an d rope and twist it to tighten up rope till tire sides meet th rim then air.. be carefull as the screwdriver will try to untwist fast...
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Make sure the bead of the tire and the rim surface are clean so there are no leaks. I used windex. Spray it around the bead and it will help you locate any leaks as you inflate the tire.
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the above is good advise, but i have had some instances where we had to take it to a tire store so they could reseat the tire with thier machine. they have a lot more psi than your average compressor to blow the tire on to the rim. usually they wont charge you.
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A ratchet strap works great for getting problematic tires to bead. Wrap it around the middle of the tire and crank it down until the bead of the tire is where it belongs on the rim. Then fill it with air until the tire seats, remove the strap and fill the tire.
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great ides - depending on the condition of hte tire and rim you can also buy a new unit. should be about $25.
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i know this is an older post, but for those of you reading....
There is a product out there for flat tires that is canned air with a sealant in it. A man who fixed my off the rim flat told me to use that each season as it helps keep the seal strong. I use it if the tire looks low then drive to the station to fill it up. You can get it at auto suplies and some of the gas stations with 711 type stores. Good to keep 1 or 2 in your car as well.
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That stuff works OK until you have the replace the tire and you have that sticky junk all over the rim. Its also useless if the tire doesn't want to bead in the first place.
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Thank You all - Flat Tire Wheelbarrow

I came across your advice about using a rope and a screw driver. It took a few minutes to get it just right and once I got it good, a few pumps of my bike tire pump and I was back in business. Thank you all once again. DMS
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two keys to success when using a wheel barrow

Number one, make sure that your tire is fully inflated. A less than fully inflated tire will be much more difficult to maneuver with a load on it. ( I use 30 psi but be sure to check your tire for its' particular recommended pressure)

Number two, When using your wheelbarrow point your thumbs straight forward on the handles. This grip will give you more control of the wheelbarrow if it tips to one side or the other.

Additionally there are dual wheeled models available that are less prone to tipping over.

38 years in the business and still learning...Greensboro_man

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