Drainage again


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Drainage again

I put a 8 foot long by about 8 inches deep trench filled with drainage rock to stop some surface water form coming into my dog pen. My neighbor waters his yard for hours at a time almost eveyday of the week. Well the trench didn't stop the water. Apparently the drainage path runs that way. Does any on have any suggestions on what i can do to keep water out?
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Drainage again

Is the water from your neighbor's yard getting into your trench?

Is there a place that your trench drains the water to and away from your house and dog pen?

If the natural drainage is from his land to your land, you have to find a way to divert it.

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check the property line between your house and your neighbors house. if he does water for hours on end and it all comes to your property, you may be able to see a bit of erosion in the soil. or you can feel where its the most moist. either would be a good indicator.
how far away is the dogs pen from the neighbors property? perhaps the best thing to do may be to put a french drain right on the edge of the property where your neighbors lawn seems to be draining into.
a small berm on the opposite side of the drain could help the water from coming any closer. to clarify, it would go neighbors lawn then your drain, then berm.

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