Installing pavers around a pool and medium grade


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Installing pavers around a pool and medium grade

I just had a pool installed and the contractor provided a 3' concrete pad around the perimiter of the pool. I intend to install a 1' limestone pool coping, and the balance of the hard surface will be brick paver.. my quesiton is..

I will have 2' on the concrete and then an additional 9' feet for a total of 11' of paver width...but the current grade is 11" lower than the concrete do you install pavers on such a slope while maintaining the need for drainage at my lot line ?

I'm also concerned that the pavers will seperate at the transition of the concrete pad and soil. Can this be prevented ?
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Installing pavers around a pool and medium grade

I am not familiar with the installation of clay pavers, but if you are using interlocking concrete pavers, you would use an edge restraint to contain the pavers. This preserves the stregth of the pavement surface.

The edge restaint is installed at all unrestrained edges before the pavers have the joint sand spread and vibrated in place. This makes the surface act as a single unit and prevents movement.

If you are thinking of putting a paver surface (clay or concrete) partially on a concrete slab and partially on a compacted soil base, you can expect some problems or differential movement.

The 11" drop in 9' (108") is a 10% slope that will give you all kinds of problems. You can't even build a highway that steep. Regrade or build a small retaining wall.


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