Looking for Southern Trees to Plant


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Looking for Southern Trees to Plant

We've recently removed a pool from our yard, regraded everything, replaced all the privacy, and seeded the backyard again. So basically, we're starting all over in the back. Right now we have a fenced in dirt lot with tiny little grass shoots starting to peek in. We seeded with centipede grass and are now looking to put in a few trees back there also. I want a total of 4 trees (one for each of my children - what can I say, I'm odd). What are good trees to plant in northeast florida that can tolerate the heat and the dry and wet seasons we have? I really love the magnolia trees we have all over, they always make me think of the old south my grandparents lived in, so would love one of those. Maybe a pear tree or another flowering tree as well. Don't have any set ideas, so all suggestions welcome as well as the reasons each tree recommended would do well in my yard. Thanks so much in advance for all the help!
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How much room do you have?
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We have about 2500 sq ft in the backyard. Right now, it is totally empty, so wide open for possibilities...
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More than anything else, you should decide what effect or goal you have for this planting. Shade, vertical appeal, broad light canopy, fall color, deciduous or evergreen, blooming. Do you want some of this small space left open for playing? Considering the mature size of a tree will have an effect on what you choose. If you plant a magnolia grandiflora, you won't have much space left for any other large tree. If you plant a little gem magnolia, there will be plenty of room because it is not larger than a dogwood. For the most part, the trees that you see in your area will fare best in your locale. Looking about will enable you to see trees nearing mature size and shape. You can tell how they blend with their surroundings as far as color, leaf texture, canopy shape, and overall size are concerned.
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Hi Deanae,

Here's a Florida site with trees recommended for different areas of your state.

These sites have info on trees. No pretty pics, but lots of helpful info.

Here's how to plant, mulch and water your new trees.


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