Concrete pavers next to foundation


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Concrete pavers next to foundation

I have a 25'x4' area bounded by my house on one side and a wooden fence on 2 other sides (it dead ends). I tend to use this area for storage and it's gets kind of muddy in the rain. I've done some small masonry/paver projects before but I have a few questions -

1. The house has a concrete foundation. Can I put the pavers as close as possible to the foundation while still maintaining a straight line? If I can maintain a straight line and stay within 1/2" or so of the foundation do I have to put in a restraint on the house side?

2. The walls of the house are stucco and there is a drip cap at the bottom where the foundation starts. What is the typical minimum clearance between the bottom edge of the stucco (drip cap) and the top surface of the pavers?

3. For the fence side restraint I'm thinking a pressure treated 2x would be really cheap, easy and strong. Anything wrong with this?

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1. 1/2 inch should be close enough. Do you plan to sweep sand into the spaces between the bricks?

2. Much siding requires 6 inches between its bottom and the surface beneath it.

3. a 2x might still need staking to restrain the bricks without anything else to hold it.

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