Palm tree with fern-like covering on trunk?

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Palm tree with fern-like covering on trunk?

Hi, I recently moved into a house in central Florida that has a palm tree in the front yard. I'm unsure of what kind it is but it has some sort of a fern-like covering on the trunk (see pic below). Driving around the neighborhood, I've seen a few other similar looking trees that have this same covering yet I can't seem to find any reference to it on any website. It almost seems like a weed that has weaved it's way into the trunk and my fear is that it's stealing water and nutrients from the palm. Can this covering be safely removed? I think the tree would look better without this covering too so I'd really like to remove it but I don't want to kill the palm. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!

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In environments where moisture and temperature conditions are such as those in the tropics ferns may grow in a tree. Ferns produce spores that grow into new ferns. Water washes sperm cells down the trunk to egg cells. Some fern spores can be airborne and will reproduce where conditions allow. These do not harm the tree.
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Will it hurt the palm tree to remove these ferns?
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Thread's almost 7 years old. I'm sure the problem's been solved by now.

If you're asking a question for yourself, please start a new thread.

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