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My wife has bought that kind of edging for mulch that you have to "trench" it. There were no instructions on these rolls of edging so how exactly do you trench for this stuff. What is the best way to install it so it lasts, we are edging off a play area for the kids.
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Depends on the amount you have, the type of soil and how much work you want to do vs. spending money.

First thing I'd do is open the package and try to unroll it as much as possible, it's hard to work with when it keeps rolling back up. I bought mine in bulk from a landscape supply normally about $8-15 for a 20' section - costs more than then big rolls but it's more durable and comes in large flat sections so it's easy to work with.

Lets start with the trench first - if you have really hard ground or a large area I'd go to a rental place and rent a trencher for edging - tell them you want to put in the black edging and they'll set the machine up, it is easy to use (slightly harder the pulling a lawnmower backwards) makes a nice trench and I think cost me $45 for 4 hours which was enough time to put in 800+ feet of edging.
The second option if your ground is soft or you have a small area, get yourself a square ended shovel and go along sticking the shovel in ~6" and moving it back and forth to make a V shaped trench - try not to actually dig out to much because then you have to fill it back in.

Once you have the trench made put the edging in, at this point you can decide if you want to use spikes with the edging - if you don't depending on your climate it will workin it's way out of the ground in about 5 years if you use the spikes it will last much longer. If you use the spikes pound those in at an angle every 3-5 ft (just pound right through the edging there aren't specified holes for the spikes) and then pack the dirt back in around the edging to hold it in tight.

One neat thing I've seen if you are putting down landscape fabric or plastic put it down over the trench then force it into the trench with the edging and trim off the outside edge that will eliminate any gaps for grass/weeds to grow along the edge.

Good luck - it's really not to bad to do.
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Hopefully your wife purchased the comercial grade edging not the cheap stuff you buy at walmart. It doesnt last that long and tends to heave more frequently.
When I installed mine it came with metal stakes, I purchased 20ft lengths, they were easier to deal with and bend when i laid them out in the sun.
I used an old garden hose ( rope would work also ) to lay out my design of the flower bed. Using a shovel (flat spade) Because I was on a budget I dug a small trench about 6 inches deep then pounded with a mallet the metal stakes at a 25-30 degree angle to hold the edging in place, about every 4 ft, then filled the trench with dirt and tramped it down around the edging. It can be tricky and usually takes two people, but quaranteed you will have better luck letting the plastic warm in the sun. When you purchased it, it should have came with connectors if you needed them. I am in Zone 5 in Canada so we get a lot of frost etc mine has been in the garden for about 6 years and never had a problem since installation.
I also came across this site, gives you step by step instructions for installation.

Good Luck with your project!


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