base for patio stone


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base for patio stone

I'm about to prepare a base for my 18"x18" patio stone and I would like to know what type of sand is best to lay them in?
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base for patio stone

I assume you are using the 18x18s for a patio and not anything more heavy-duty. They will not work for a driveway or parking area.

If you have poor soil, I would put in 3" to 6" of compacted gravel, then a 1" bed of clean sand as a setting bed to make leveling easier.

If you have good soil with no organics (black dirt, etc) on no soft clay you could get away without the compacted base, but will get some settling that could be fixed later.

Large patio squares should not be confused with the interlocking paving stones than cary carry much heavier loads.

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The base is Key - I suggest a few inches of crushed garvel and rent a plate vibrator. pack the heck out of the base. then lay an inch of sand or "stone dust" - you must get the base as well as the sand/dust level. to get it level i bought 1inch electrical conduit and then screed the sand with a 2x4 or something.

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