Raised Paver Patio, Arizona


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Talking Raised Paver Patio, Arizona

Question: I live in Arizona and I'm building a raised patio 12" to maybe 18" at most in the back of the yard. The perimeter is horseshoe shaped and retaining wall blocks are embedded in concrete footing. What do I back fill with to raise the inside? Gravel? Dirt? I plan to finish the top with pavers or flag stone. This will be contained on all sides by the retaining wall. We have minimal rain or freezing. Does this still need drainage?

I was thinking of lining with fabric and then backfilling with 3/4 gravel (tamping with rented tamper) until 3-6" of the top adding sand and setting the pavers (filling between with sand/mortar mixture). Thanks for any info!!
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Raised Paver Patio, Arizona

Duplicate post - see Exterior - Patios, decks

diyher -

I am surprised you are setting the retaining wall block in a concrete footing if they are true segmental retaining wall block. I know of no manufacturers that recommend or even suggest this. If you have noraml block, then this may be required. With segmental retaing wall block and interlocking pavers, you will need no additional drainage.

For interlocking concrete pavers -

Fill to desired grade with compacted base material.

Use a 1" setting bed of clean sand for interlocking concrete pavers (60 or 80mm thick). Sprinkle fine sand over the surface and vibrate with a plate vibrator. Sweep off the excess sand. NEVER, EVER use mortar for interlocking concrete pavers.

Clay pavers are whole different story.

If you use flagstone, contact the local supplier of installation instructions and materials.

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If you're using regular old concrete or stone pavers, then yes just use sand as the foundation and make sure it is packed down extremely well. There's many examples of paver walkways where you will notice there is no mortar being used as Concrete has said.

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