Ideas for spa hole?


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Ideas for spa hole?

I have a old in-ground spa that will cost too much to replace.
Im thinking of doing something differnet with the space/hole if I remove it and looking for ideas. Some pictures of it are below:

Some ideas..
Koi pond
Some sort of fountain or moving water feature. Anyplace with lots of picture for ideas?

Any thoughts appreciated
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Before I saw your last comments I was thinking either a fish pond or decorative fountain. You could just fill it in with dirt and plant flowers in it also.
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I agree with Mattison and make it into a pond. If it doesn't leak you could leave it there. It already has shelves for plants to sit on. There are harmless dyes that can be added to the water to make it black or dark blue so you can't see it's a tub. If you remove the spa you would have to put down a pond liner. Add a pump to keep the water moving so you won't have mosquito problems. It's not really large enough for more then a couple of Koi.

For pics try a search at google with the term:
formal pond
and click on 'Images'.


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