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Newly planted Katsuratree, leaves starting to have brown edges

Newly planted Katsuratree, leaves starting to have brown edges


Old 06-29-06, 03:27 PM
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Newly planted Katsuratree, leaves starting to have brown edges

I planted a katsuratree back on May 8th. I noticed this week that some of the leaves are getting a brown edge to them, almost looks burnt. Since the beginning of May we've had around 20" of rain so I know water isn't the issue, also our temps here have been very mild. Mid 70's to lower 80's. Does it sound like this tree is stressed. Hopefully it's just going through it's adjustment period of being planted. I do have some food that I'm using for a Kousa Dogwood in the front yard, should I feed that tree also? I thought I read before not to feed newly planted tree though.
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Katsuratree likes moist soil, but it should drain well. If roots were not compacted and hole was properly prepared and tree has had enough moisture, it should be doing fine. Sometimes planting a tree too deep can stress a tree and drown its roots. Poor drainage can kill a tree. If hole was not properly prepared, especially in clay soil, roots can drown. Trees often have difficulty or are slow to recover from stress and transplant shock. With 20" of rain, it's possible that the trees roots received too much water. Too much water in the hole can cause transplant death. Hold off on fertilizer until fall and then use a slow-release fertilizer. Most trees from nurseries do not need fertilizer the first year.
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Maybe it's all the rain that stressing the tree out. We've planted about 30-40 trees/shrubs since we've moved to our house and have only had 1 die on us so we're pretty good about preparing correct holes for planting and tree height in the hole. It was new construction so there wasn't a single plant/shrub on the lot.

Does the brown edge on the leave mean it's dying? I looked up some pics of the tree online and saw a few of them that the leaves looked exactly like mine and there was no mention in the captions about the trees being stressed or dying.
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I just went through the same thing with Hong Kong Orchid Tree that I planted in late April. I overwatered it in the first two weeks and all the leaves turned brown and dropped. Once I realized what the problem was I let it dry out for a good 3 weeks before watering just a little bit again. Once it dried out and settled in it resprouted new growth like nobody's business.

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