Blue Lawson Cypress starting to turn yellow


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Blue Lawson Cypress starting to turn yellow

I planted a Blue Cypress about a month ago. We have lots of rain for the first two weeks it was planted and none since. I water is 2-3 times a week about 3-5 gallons at a time. The cypress is around 6 feet tall and about 3 feet wide at the base and then tapers. If it will help I can post some pictures.

The cypress from the outside looks wonderful but when I move the branches and look inside I'd say about half of the branches foliage is starting to turn yellow and then brown (dead).

I deal with 2 different nurseries. One says to water as I am doing above, the other is telling me I'm watering too much and to water once a day with a hose for about 5 seconds. I do check underneath the mulch and usually it's dry. So I water it. I have a burm around the cypress as to not lose any water.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions on how I should exactly water the cypress? I've planted about 30 trees/shrubs since building the house but this is my first experience with a type of pine/cypress tree. Also I've had trees that have been stressed for one reason or another and lost leaves and then came back strong. Can the same happen for a cypress?

Also how can I tell if there is new growth on this type of cypress?

It's under warranty for a year but it's not about the money, I want to do everything I can to save it.
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If it is not standing in water, water it daily. The soil should drain, not be sodden. Transplant shock affects everything to some degree.
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Hi Nicole,

The first thing you should do is check to see that your tree isn't planted too deep and the rootflare is visible. Here's some sites on planting, mulching and watering.
This watering site has excellent advice based on the size of the rootball, etc.

I do have some concerns about the yellowing of the inner needles. Lawson cypress needs moist soil, especially when young, but must have good drainage. You don't say which cultivar you have, but here's some info on Chamaecyparis lawsoniana - Lawson Falsecypress.

Do check carefully on the yellowing of the inner needles for Cercosporidium blight. There are other fungal diseases as well mentioned at this site:

"[The] first symptoms are observed on the needles of the lower branches, usually on branches closest to the main stem. Blighted needles and young twigs form patchy brown areas that increase in size as the disease develops. A common symptom of this disease is the green tips of twigs on infected branches. The symptoms then continue to spread upward and outward in susceptible plants. The disease is favored by warm, humid, wet weather or by overhead irrigation."

More info on Cercosporidium Blight.

Btw, 5 seconds to water a 6' tree is not nearly enough time to thoroughly water the rootball.


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