Removed tree is growing!


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Angry Removed tree is growing!

I removed an old tree from my front yard 2 months ago and build a deck on its body. Now I noticed new young branches are growing from the body. Is there anything I can use to stop this process?

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Buy concentrated brush killer....any brand will work although I'd use a national brand versus store brand just for sure....take an old paint brush and paint the trunk with the killer full strength.Coat any of the cut area....putting it on bark won't help.Also coat any sprouting branches etc.This should stop the regrowth.Broadleaf weed killers will not work it must be brush killer.
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Get a broad spectrum herbicide concentrate like Glyfos or Roundup. This is the syrup you dilute to make grass & weed killer. Cut off the stump or drill a hole into the stump to expose live wood and pour/paint the herbicide syrup in.

Painting herbicide on the old stump will do no good. You need to get to fresh wood that can absorb the poison.
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Both I and my customers have done the paint on brush killer routine with complete results.

If you follow the other directions given use brush killer not Round Up.
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Use something made for brush... Ortho Brush B Gone, etc for example. Damage the area where the bark is still alive on the stump and paint it on with an old brush.

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