The tree that won't die


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The tree that won't die

I had a large eucalyptus tree removed and used all kinds of stump rot stuff.

Well, the stump remains and new branches are growing out of it.
I need it dead due to plumbing issues and stump grinding is a little cost prohibitive for me right now.

What kind of chemical cocktail can I pour on it to kill it so the roots will quit growing into my pipes?
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Stump rot or brush killer painted immediately on fresh cuts usually kill tree roots. Make sure you coat around the cambium so that herbicide will get carried to roots.
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Hi Cimmaronjim,

Grinding the stump won't kill the underground roots anyway, so don't feel badly. I've never had to rot away a eucalyptus, but my honeylocust took 4 years to stop sending up shoots from the roots. You can do as Twelvepole suggests and maybe dig down to find some of the larger roots, scrape the outer layer and paint on brush killer. The only other way I know of to get rid of it is to dig out the roots.


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