Ashey spots on maple tree?


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Exclamation Ashey spots on maple tree?

I have several varieties of maple tree in my yard. One tree has a lot of ashey, white spots on all its leaves. The spot rubs off the rubbed and doesn't seem to be insect related. I'm not sure what type of maple it is; it has a deep red, almost burgundy, leaf all year round. While other trees in the vicinity (different maple species) have some spots or holes from insects, they don't show this type of spot.

A neighbor has the same species of tree in his yard that also shows these spots to a lesser degree. A third tree in yet another neighbor's yard shows very few spots on some lower leaves, but that's it. My tree seems to have this affliction throughout the canopy.

Is this some kind of mold? Should I be concerned for the tree's health? The tree is extemely healthy otherwise, but this has me worried. If anyone has any thoughts I'm thankful for some advice. Thanks!
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After a web search, it appears that this is the "Crimson King" variety of Norway Maple. Here is what a healthy leaf shound look like:


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Hi Chiraz,

Crimson King is a variety of Norway maple and is prone to powdery mildew. Although this is not a Crimson King leaf, is this what you see?

The best way to deal with powdery mildew is clean up of all infected leaves on a constant basis. Spraying needs to be done before the fungus appears for best control. I have a lilac that gets it from time to time. Some years are worse then others. By pruning the tree you have allowed more air circulation and that should help. You should start spraying in the spring before you notice any symptoms. In most cases it won't harm your tree, but it is unsightly.

You can spray with milk as a preventative.

Here's some other homemade remedies.


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