downspout over the patio


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downspout over the patio

We are planning to redo our patio. One area is going to be extended to the house wall. But the water from the downspout will run right in the middle of the patio. What is the solution. Should I dig a trench under the patio?

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You could bury 4" PVC under the patio, running to daylight (somewhere to drain to), to route the downspout water away. They sell adapters that fit rectangular downspouts to 4" PVC. Depending on what you intend to build the patio with, you could leave the end of the PVC stick up, or be flush with the patio, then add the adapter. Flush will give a slicker installation, with just the adapter sticking up, and receiving the end of the downspout.

I have a concrete paver patio under my deck, with all the downspouts run into PVC, then out the side of my yard just up from a storm drain.

Make sure to maintain a slope to the pipe, so you don't have standing water in the pipe and don't drain the pipe into a sanitary sewer (most places prohibit this).
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downspout over the patio

I also have a plastic hose connected to my downspout. It goes under my patio and landscape rock and out into my yard. It is then connected to a "pop-up" in my lawn that discharges the water in an area that has good drainage.

Looks good and works well so far. - a couple of 2" rains. If I have a freezing problem in the spring thaw, I may have to extend it about 20' to daylight. I don't expect a problem based on others experiences.

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Thanks for the good advice. We'll try that.

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