Mulching ?


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Mulching ?

I have some mulch at the house and I was wondering how much to apply to the top of the dirt in my garden. I live in southern california so it never gets really hot or really cold. The garden has a few day lilies, a few agapanthus, 2 date palms and an established lemon tree. I was told to keep the mulch from contacting the stem of the plants, is tghis also true for the lemon tree. I could omit the mulch from around the lemon tree, but I wanted the garden to look the same all the way around.

The mulch i have is very light and airy and it smells. It is organic, but there are no large chunks at all. Actually there are not even any small chunks.

THnaks in advance for any help.
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I would just spread it a couple of inches deep. Of course, you can pull it back from the plants. It won't need to be more than a couple of inches away from the plants.
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I agree with Chris. A layer that is 2" to 3" thick will help the soil retain moisture and keep weeds at bay. Here's how to properly mulch a tree. The same technique applies to shrubs and plants.


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