Suggestions on planting a tree


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Suggestions on planting a tree

Hello all. We recently bought our first house this past summer. We live in Long Island, New York. Currently, our front lawn does not have any trees. The size of the lawn is 50 feet wide and 25 feet long. We would like to plant a tree in the front yard.

Because the front lawn gets A LOT of sun (~8-9 hours of sunlight per day), we were thinking of going with one of the following types of trees to plant in the front lawn (in order of choices):

1- Star Magnolia
2- Summer Tyme Crabapple
3- White or Pink Princess Dogwood

Which of these would you suggest for us to plant this fall and why?

We would like to plant a couple of trees in the back yard as well since that is also empty. The back lawn gets a decent amount of sunlight, but not as much as the front lawn does. Maybe about 6-7 hours of full sunlight a day. Would any of these trees be good choices for the back yard? Would you suggest any other types of trees to plant in the lawn?

Thanks in advance for any comments, suggestions, or advice.


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Hi Eddie,

Congratulations on your new home! I would suggest you place your front yard tree so it frames your home and not in the middle of the yard. With that said, here's my choices and why.

Star Magnolia in back yard, preferably near a seating area for the fragrance and because it can tolerate part sun. This tree has no wildlife value but is lovely in bloom. If placed in a sheltered area it's less prone to late frost damage to the flowers.

Summer Tyme Crabapple - I think you mean Sugar Tyme Crabapple. This could work in the front yard but placed away from sidewalks and driveways due to fruit drop though it is slightly fragrant. It needs full sun of 6 hours or more. Consider the color of the pink flower buds, the white flowers and red fruit if placing in the front yard so as not to clash with the color of the house or fade away if your house is white. Great wildlife value. Crabapples with small fruit are better for the birds. Attracting birds will help with insect control.

White or Pink Princess Dogwood - Cornus florida would be my favorite choice. It provides wildlife value and can thrive in full to part sun. I prefer the Cornus florida that blooms before it leafs out as I like the look better. They do bloom before their Oriental cousins and are more prone to frost damage, but I just like the look better. Do make sure the colors don't clash or wash out with the color of your home.

If you would like sites on how to plant, mulch and water just let me know.


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