Clean landscape boulder


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Clean landscape boulder

We found several boulders on our property and installed them in a feature at the entrance of our driveway.
I have taken a brush and water to clean but I'm not satisfied. The stone still has that dull "fresh from the dirt" look.
A friend suggested using muratic acid to bring out the color. Any other suggestions?
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A wire brush might do more than what you've been using. If you're patient, the rain will clean it up nicely in time. Acid is nasty to work with and I'd try to avoid it. The two boulders I've dug out of my yard looked clean in a couple of months in the weather.
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High pressure washer might produce desired results.
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Hey - justification to buy a pressure washer!
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muratic acid/soil stained large rock

Yes muratic acid is serious stuff but it does work. With careful application/handling it's not out of the question for do it yourselfers.

In my experience in most heavy duty cleaning projects using the correct chemical is more important than the high pressure sprayer.

Best of luck, 38 years in the business and still learning...Greensboro_man
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How about a solution of one part bleach to nine parts water with a scrub brush? It's used to remove mud stains after a flood. Do rinse the area well, especially if you will be growing plants nearby. Wear old clothesin case they get splattered, eye protection and latex gloves.

The muriatic acid might raise the pH of the soil and make it too alkaline if you plan on planting around the boulders.


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