snow fence advice needed


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snow fence advice needed

I live in upstate NY, and live on a WINDY street. In the winter, we get terrible drifts across our driveway, our house faces north, and i got some snow fence for this year. I have some small (3') privets that i planted a couple yrs ago on the west property line (where the wind comes from), and planned on putting the snow fence over there to also protect these, along with helping with the drifting. my question is... Should i put the fence on the east or west side of the privets, east side wouldn't protect them, only the driveway, but i thought on the west side of them, the snow wuold pile up right on top of them and break them apart(?) any suggestions? thanks alot
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snow fence advice needed

Contact a local landscaper or a guy that puts snow fences up for the county.

Explaine your situation or show him a photo. He will give you the best information you can find about your local snow drifting patterns. After living in northern Michigan, I learned there is a big difference between regular snow and lake effect snow when it comes to drifting. There are some critical distances that vary with the terrain and the fence height.

You have got of good experts in your area.

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IMO, the west side would be best. Drifting snow will protect bushes, insulating them from the cold (and from hungry rabbits). The farther back your fence is from the driveway the better.

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