Pergola Questions??? How to??


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Pergola Questions??? How to??

My wife and I got talking about our summer projects. We decided to look into a pergola. We are going to be cutting down a dying walnut tree and also a pine tree. Both annoying b/c they drop pine cones and walnuts every fall!! Annoying and they make a mess. So we need something for a little shade on our back patio. Right now there is a 16X10(roughly) concrete patio. Question is could I just mount the main posts to the concrete?? Or do I need to dig holes and cement them. We don't wanna build that big of one but maybe a 10X10 or 8X10 something of that nature. I also would like to know what is the best wood to use. I have been doing research on it the past 2 nights and I have seen pine and cedar and a couple more I can't remember. Also should I attatch to the house or free standing? We have this little roof between the 1st and 2nd fl. (don't know how else to explain that) So I think a free standing would be best.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have no landscaping what so ever. So we are going to do that this summer.
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I built a pergola of sorts for my mother a couple of months ago. She didn't like the overhang look so we made it more of a garden arbor.

I used 6x6 post with 2x10x10 PT pads.
The structure is free standing and very stable it was also very simple to build.
It took about 12 hours from looking at a picture in a home and garden magazine with minimal carpentry experience.

I'm doing the same thing at my house, with more of an Asian feel, but will be using 2x6 boards to build the posts
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There are anchors you can use to anchor the posts to the concrete. You can trim the base to make it look more finished. I would use pressure treated wood, but that's an esthetic choice.

I'm not a carpenter, but a freestanding pergola would probably be best if there are any obstructions and easier to construct.


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