Are Cedar Trees Water Hogs


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Are Cedar Trees Water Hogs

We are having a new house built and our property has a lot of mountain cedar trees on it. We've heard that the cedar is a water hog and will invade pipes, etc.... carrying water in order to quench their appitite.

Does anyone know how true this is? If so, how far away from the house should we cut down the trees in oder for it to not be a problem?

Any information would be greatly appriciated.

Sumo Guy
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Hi Sumo Guy,

I'm thinking you might live in Texas. I found this site that has some interesting info on mountain cedar - Juniperus ashei, which isn't really a cedar but a juniper. You'll have to click on each of the topics and read all the way through. It talks about the removal of these trees, water savings and the root systems. These trees do have an extensive root system and a long tap root. They are indeed water hogs, especially depending on the type of soil you have.

This site tells the color of the berries is blue so you won't confuse it with Pinchot's Juniper, which has red berries.

Here's more info on them.

If you will have a well you might consider removing most, if not all of them. You will need to plant something else so it doesn't return as it seeds into disturbed sites. You might want to inquire with your local extension service about any water saving programs they might have to assist you with either removal or reforestation. This might be helpful.


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