sprinkler system install question


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sprinkler system install question

I'm starting to install a sprinkler system and it's going to be quite the learning experience.. The question is, I have a quick draw-up of where I think the lines should go to connect to the zones, how does it look? ANY tips, changes, thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!!!

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sprinkler system install question

ssmith --

Check out this website:


It has the basics.

Here's what I know from my sprinkler system install (I hired a professional). Water pressure means EVERYTHING. If your flow isn't strong enough, you may have to shorten runs, add additional zones, change pipe diameter, change head types, etc. Check the pressure at the distribution point FIRST.

At the end of my install on a 6 zone system, the heads would not stay up every time you flushed the toilet in the house while the sprinkler system was running. The reason? The pressure was too low due to the old corroded pipes. It turned into having to hire another contractor to repipe the house!

Otherwise, from what I saw -- it was trial and error -- he went from 1/2 to 3/4 pipe, changed head type to maximize flow, repiped and moved certain heads to different zones depending on pressure.

Save yourself disappointment early and check the pressure! GOOD LUCK!
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Most of the major sprinkler makers have sheet you can draw up, mail off and they will send you back a complete spec, with a listing of all the parts you will need.

The first thing on the sheet is how to measure your water pressure and flow rate.

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