Garage flooding


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Garage flooding

My Garage is 6inches lower than my yard and creating a water problem with the exterior siding and interior flooding. My plan is as follows: I would cut awaye the siding 1 foot from the ground and put in 1x12 pressure treated lumber. I would then dig a french drain around the garage and put the excess soil against the pressure treated lumber to move water away from the structure. Let me know what you think.
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The finished siding should be a minimum 6" above the finished grade. Cut back the siding high enough to permit the new grading plus this 6". Instead of treated wood, why not install concrete pancake block and parge and water proof. Is there a foundation?
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Garage Flooding

I am not sure what a "pancake" block is but if my understanding is correct I would need to remove the existing sole plate, cut the wall studs, place the concrete block to my desired height then reinstall the sole plate on top of the block.? This may be the ideal choice however, it sounds a bit over my level of ability.
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Putting soil against wood that is not treated and rated for use below ground works poorly. In addition to the drain, you might build a berm around the building inside of the drain to keep water away from the building and directed into the drain. Of course, this soil should not touch the building above 6 inches below the siding.
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"My Garage is 6 inches lower than my yard and creating a water problem with the exterior siding and interior flooding." Regrade your landscape that all runoff is expedited away from foundation. If necessary, hire a landscape engineer to assure that you do no direct runoff onto neighboring properties. An engineer can also instruct you re: drainage needs. Make sure gutters and downspouts are clear and carry excess water away from home. Splash guards tend to be ineffective. If your lot sits lower than surrounding sites, you need a landscape engineer to assist you with proper drainage with ill effects on neighbors' properties. Only a landscape engineer can address drainage and landscaping issues if drainage is an issue. This is not a DIY project.

Addressing issues re: raising garage or foundation will not address the runoff issues. These drainage issues must be addressed first before addressing any foundation issues. Be prepared for future and unexpected heavy rains. A show on today's History Channel said to prepare for tsaumi events. Are you prepared?

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Itcasa, you might also want to consider a garage trench drain.


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