thanks alot algore...


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thanks alot algore...

i got a healthy dose of global warming over the past few days. it was 25 this morning. so, what can i expect from my leafed out japanese maples, the dozens of hosta, broccolli, spinach, roses, fully leafed apple, pear, and peach trees. i covered what i could from frost damage, but freeze is another story. not too happy right now. i should have bought some carbon credits.
i'm in North Carolina and last night set a new record low. i put what plants i could in the cold frames and place 100 watt bulbs in as well. covered the frames with blankets as well.
thanks for any info.
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Freeze will damage tree leaves slightly. If trees were strong, they can rely on stored energy to rally forth with more new growth. This growth will likely not be as strong as the first and may look bushy where damage occurred. Unhealthy trees may go into decline. If trees do not produce new leaves, it's likely it never will. Orchard growers live in constant fear of the spring freeze because of freezing of fruiting buds. You can cut open a few buds to see if they have turned black inside. If so, you will likely have little or no fruit.

Broccoli, cabbage, and peas, can tolerate short, light freezes. Broccoli, if overcome by a freeze, tend to produce only flowers and seed stalks. Spinach is pretty hardy, so you may do well with it. Expect some discoloration and limpness of some leaves.

Hosta leaves will succumb to frost and freeze. Hosta will produce new leaves and damaged leaves can be removed. Keeping hosta well mulched is important. Covering in spring to protect from late frost and freezing can be done.

Covers and cold frames need a way for heat to escape during the day. Otherwise, plants will cook.

For more info:

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