vexed by water?


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vexed by water?

Please help with this problem... 2 things happened to us since we last ran the system last fall.. A lightning strike which affected other items located near the timer.. and we also had to have the sewer connection replaced due to Please help with this problem... 2 things happened to us since we last ran the roots & of course the plumbers had to dig near the line. When we recently attempted to restart the system nothing happened. So we 1) assumed the timer was fried and replaced it 2) assumed the cellenoids were fried and replaced in all 3 zones. When we test the timer, the cellenoid clicks, but no water, so we 3)assumed the plumbers did not reconnect the line.. so we called them back out.. he dug up the line in the entire area which was previously unearthed.. no breaks and he found the T connection from the water line & it looked fine. So, what else could be wrong?? thanks alice
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Assuming your plumber person had to turn off the water supply to work on the system, did you check to see if they turned it back on?

Another thing you could do is remove the heads in each zone and try to flush the system, could be some blockage somewhere in the line.

If the water supply comes from a spicket, you could check to make sure the supply valve is opening properly and letting the water into the line.

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