Hedges... Anything that I should know?


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Hedges... Anything that I should know?

Hi, I have a wooden fenced in back yard with the dimensions 32X32 feet and I have close neighbours that I would like to block out of view. I have thought about planting 12 foot cedars. I was told to plant them every 16 inches. I would like maximum coverage so forming them into hedges over time would be a good solution. I am just wondering if there is anything that I know or should think about before doing this??

Thanks in advance
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Every 16 inches!?! 8 feet apart is best for healthy Eastern Red Cedar and White Cedar. 4 feet if you want them close in a few years. Even at 4 feet, trees will compete for nutrients and moisture. If going with 4 feet, you will need to cut down every other tree around 5-10 years, so trees can mature to their intended natural shape. Many prefer to plant two parallel rows of trees, offseting them from each other. This system tends to work better for closing in a privacy screen.

Seedlings are not recommended for privacy fences. They succumb to weeds, drought, and other conditions. Transplanted trees are best. Cedars are slow growers, but can reach 40'. Taking into consideration height and girth at maturity is important in determining spacing.

Green Rocket Hybrid Cedar can be spaced 4-6 feet and is a fast grower. See

Many confuse cedars and arborvitae. See pictures: http://www.treehelp.com/trees/cedar/index.asp

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