Tree Issues. Can I save my tree.


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Tree Issues. Can I save my tree.

I planted a Live Oak tree in my Florida yard. About one week after planting the tree, all of the leaves fell off.

I overfertlized the tree, and it is suffering from fertilizer burn. I have been watering, watering, watering the tree, hoping to save it. The limbs are still flexible, they have not dried out totally.

Is there a way to save this tree?
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sounds like your doing all you can, but make sure you dont drown the tree. you have probably flushed the fert by now so just keep it moist and wait a few weeks to see if it leafs out.
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New trees really need no fertilizer. They do, however, need an inch of water each week. Fertilizing can burn young roots. Overwatering can waterlog trees and prevent root development. Whether or not your tree recovers depends upon how resilient it is.
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Was this tree container grown or dug up and transplanted? I used to live in fla and never had any luck transplanting oaks.

I'd water as needed and hope for the best - not much more you can do.
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Depending on how much fert. you put on, it could be just burned and will come back. depending on big it is , you might want to remove it from the hole and have it leaf out again. While you are waiting for that keep watering the hole to flush out the fert.
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I would not water more than the tree needs. Overwatering will put additional stress on the tree.

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