Pine hedge suggestions?


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Pine hedge suggestions?

Location: Miami, FL zone 10b

I am interested in creating a dense hedge out of pines sort of like this:

Any idea of what types of pines I can use in Florida and what size I should start with and how far apart to plant? I have a 70 feet long border I like to use this on.

Thanks for any suggestions and comments!

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The hedge in the picture is not a healthy hedge. Note the die-out in the center of the hedge. What is important in selecting a bush or tree for a privacy hedge is to choose a species with the knowledge of its growth habits and size at maturity. Thus, proper spacing is important. When planted close together, there is much competition for moisture and nutritients which places the plants at risk. Trees do not respond well to pruning into a hedge like shrubs.

You must also take into consideration type of soil and amount of sun and moisture received. If in a coastal area, you will need to plant something that is salt tolerant. Care and maintenance, especially amount of pruning required, are also considerations.

You local Cooperative Extension Agent can advise you on what plants do best as a hedge in your part of Florida. Florida privet, silver button, and wax myrtle are often mentioned as Florida privacy screens. Thuja Green Giant is popular. Note: not all species do well in all parts of Florida.

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