will plastic sheeting over yard kill my trees?


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will plastic sheeting over yard kill my trees?

I'm in the mid-atlantic region in an older home (75 yrs) with a very shady back yard. After several unsuccessful attempts at growing a lawn (I moved in 3 yrs ago), I decided to landscape a japanese inspired rock garden featuring a small pond instead.

My question: can I use plastic sheeting to cover the yard and keep the weeds from growing, but without killing off the trees from lack of water?

My plan was to lay down plastic sheeting and cover with small pebbles, 2-3 inches deep. This would surround the pond and cover 90% of the yard. However, I have 5 large, well-established trees around the periphery of the yard.

I heard that cardboard could be substituted with the advantage of being permeable.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Trees need moisture. Landscape cloth will allow moisture to pass through and keep weeds out. This is available at hardware stores, home centers, and lawn and garden centers.
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will plastic sheeting over yard kill my trees?

Lanscape cloth (a weed barrier) will help, but it is not a cure-all.

You will still have to contend with the air-borne seeds that land on top of the rock and fabric. You will have the same problem with a solid plastic, but the roots cannot get very deep.


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