Front yard bark is cats litter box!!!!!


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Angry Front yard bark is cats litter box!!!!!

Landscaped my front yard with rock and bark. Now my bark is the neighborhood cat box. Any Ideas? I have heard putting chili powder will eliminate this issue. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Motion sensor sprinklers are very effective for deterring unwanted animals in the landscape. Cats especially do not like to get wet. A more aggressive approach would be to trap cats and take to the local shelter.

You can also overlay beds with plastic or wire mesh. Chicken wire works very well laid across beds. With wire cutters, you can cut open spaces for slipping in plants. Cats do not like walking on chicken wire.

If you want to try the recipe, mix two parts cayenne pepper, three parts dry mustard and five parts flour. Mix together and sprinkle on areas where you donít want cats. Repeat applications will be required after watering or rain.

Cats love loose soil and mulch for litter. Perhaps trading out the bark for rocks would be less favorable if they appear to be ignoring the rocks.

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