tree removal cost??


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tree removal cost??

I know the answer to this question could vary considerably but I'll shoot anyway. I have a 40' pine behind my yard that is leaning around 20° towards my property. This never really concerned me until I realized it's leaning more than when I moved into the house and the soil on the opposite side of the lean is beginning to mound. I've never had a tree taken down before so I have no idea as to what a good price is for this work. It only has to be taken down 3/4 to where it crosses my property line. Any ballpark of what something like this should cost? I'm in north jersey and climbers will have to be used since a bucket loader cannot get into my yard. thanks
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I'm in the Chicago area and just had a 25-30' pine removed with stump for about 400$. I had other work done too, so that might have played a factor in the low price. This guy didn't use a bucket, he climbed the tree like a squirrel.

If there is a tree in your yard which poses a threat to you or your home you may be able to get homeowners insurance to pay for some of the removal.
If it isn't on your property and a threat still remains I don't think you should be 100% responsible for removal.

good luck

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