Hole in Wheelbarrow Tub


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I have no idea where this query should go, so this forum sounds like a good place!

I have a poly wheelbarrow tub that has cracks through the material near at the attachment carriage bolts. I was going to use JB-Weld to fill/repair the holes but noted on their site that it will not adhere to polyethylene.

Any suggestions on how to fill/repair these cracks since I am unable to find a replacement tub and cannot really afford a new wheelbarrow at this time.

Bondo or some such filler? How does it work with poly?

Thanks for any help that you can provide.
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Try some epoxy glue. Or better but more expensive is the repair stuff for car bumpers. Ask the auto parts guy.
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They make plastic weld. Because cracks are located at stress points, it is doubtful repair would be very successful.
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Fiberglass mesh smeared with two part epoxy will do the job.
Scuff up the area around the repair with sand paper first.

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