Shade Flower vs squirrels


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Shade Flower vs squirrels

All my flowers were eaten up by the little tree rats last year. Does anyone know of a shade annual that the squirrels won't destroy?
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Shade rat? Tree rats? Is the problem squirrels? I've heard the expression of 'flying rats' applied to pigeons. Never heard squirrels referred to as shade rats or tree rats. Sounds good, though, and accurate.

If you have problems eating plants, then there is obviously a lack of other food sources in the landscape and they are hungry. There are repellents available, including pepper concoctions that are organic. Pepper spray gets good reports. Home recipes and moth balls--research tends to reveal that they eventually learn to ignore them.

Some resort to baits and poisons, but these can be harmful to pets and desirable wildlife. You can trap wildlife pests, but many locations have ordinances against relocating once trapping. Check with local wildlife control.

Once squirrels get into your home, you must trap. Removing mother and leaving babies in attic can cause an odor. Sealing entries will tend to encite mother and she will gnaw her way in, and if she fails babies will die and you have an odor problem. It is urgent that you check all possible entries into structure and eliminate potential for entry. Seal all gaps in soffit and fasica. They are curious and will gnaw in. Squirrels have been know to go up downsputs to enter gutters and access soffit and fascia. Check above foundation vents above siding and seal gaps. Often siding overhangs vents and leaves a gap for easy access for mice, squirrels, rats, and insects.

Make sure all entries in your home are sealed. If you are having shade rats/tree rats/squirrels eating landscape plants, their invasion will be your home. Keep tree branches cut so they are not within 10-15 feet of your roof. Seal all openings around pipes and wires that enter structure, including under sinks.

Practice good landscape mangement, which includes eliminating bird feeders or move 20 feet from house, pet food dishes not left outside, and covering attractive beds with landscape cloth or wire mesh like chicken wire or hardware cloth which can be cut through to place plants and edges held down with rocks. If certain plants are that yummy, enclose in wire cage. Garbage cans should contain only sealed plastic bags of garbage with sealed lid on top to eliminate landscape scavengers.

To answer your question about what will squirrels not eat, wildlife will eat anything if starving. Your best best is prevention and control.
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Our squirrels are not starving because we have 4 giant acorn trees in our yard. I tried liquid fence last year and almost puked it stunk so bad, but it didn't bother the squirrels at all. We don't have any pets, but I wouldn't put posion down because I don't want to hurt any of our neighbors pets. I hate squirrels!

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