Landscape Cloth


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Landscape Cloth

We want to edge our new deck with landscaping bricks and crushed rock. I have already removed all of the sod. I had originally planned on just laying down the landscaping cloth and then covering with the crushed rocks. However I have had some people suggest using newspaper and then the cloth and then the rocks. Is this over kill? Or can I just use the cloth only. How long will the landscaping cloth last?

Thanks for the help!!

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Dupont has a 5 year warranty on their landscape cloth. Newspapers will deteriorate. Simply place rocks on landscape cloth.
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Landscape Cloth

From what I recall from home centers, different grades/thicknesses of cloth have different warranty periods. I know you're right that some has 5 year, but I'm fairly sure I saw 10, 15, and maybe 20 year warranties.

The initial cash outlay is a bit more, but it's not a straight multiplier, like the 10 year costs 2x 5 year price or 15 year 3x5 year. I think the 15 year cost about twice what the 5 year stuff did. Of course, that's complicated by the different sizes-one will be 3', one 4', maybe 5' or even 10'.

Prep the ground first so that you know how much work is involved with getting ready to put the landscape cloth in place. Whatever value you place on your labor, and whatever you're going to be able to do in 5, 10, 15 years when you look at the price tags. What I can do at my age now is less than it was five years ago, and a LOT less than I could do 20 years ago.

Keep in mind that the only remedy in the warranty is replacement of the product. They're NOT going to pay to have it installed. Then again, you can get an estimate from a landscape contractor to see what they value their labor at. If they want X today, they may want 2X in five years.

Also, they are likely to use the 5 year cloth if they're only paid to do it once with no guarantee. If they give you a guarantee that they'll replace it in 5 years or 10, they'll use the best possible products because they won't want to have to pay their crew to replace it if it fails.

Hope this helps you a bit. I tend to overthink and overexplain, but I want to make sure you have enough information to make an informed decision.

Have a great day. Stay safe, and may God bless. I wish you His peace.


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