Backyard Irrigation Problems


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Backyard Irrigation Problems

Towards the end of winter through the rainy season of spring, our backyard is like a saturated sponge. I advanced some soil borings, down to about 4', and the soils were primarily sand, just below the topsoil.

The rear yard takes on the runoff of the nieghboring yards (those to the side and rear) and the yard slightly slopes toward the house. I've been told that a seasonal stream used to cross the backyards of the lots on the street, prior to the development of my street (mid 1950s) and a river is located about a 2 blocks away from the house.

That being said, the seasonal water table may be very high (near the surface at times) and in conjunction w/ the runoff of the other yards, our backyard is almost unusable during the spring.

I've been trying to get an idea if a french drain system would do anything to help drain the yard or if it would be a waste. I talked to a landscape guy who was talking about installing an underground storage tank near the rear of the yard and digging swales in the yard to direct water to the tank. But he was talking like 8K. I enjoy my yard, but not that much.

Also, I plan to build a deck of the rear of the house, so if a french drain system is the way to go, i would like to get it in before the deck goes up.

The yard levels out around the house, and then slopes down to the street at the front of the house.

would a french drain system work?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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French drain system would be effective if properly installed.
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I had the same situation when I lived in the very wet Pacific Northwest. I got an instruction book from the library, and installed a French Drain as the book specified. It worked great, the area was practically a lake beforehand.
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Do you remember the name of the book? I saw some at my library the other day, but they looked really outdated.

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