Filtering creek water for irrigation


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Question Filtering creek water for irrigation


I use creek water for irrigating my trees etc., using a drip irrigation system. It works great (have had it for almost 10 years now). The only annoying part is how often the filters (I have 3 of different sizes on the drip line) get clogged from gunk in the creek.

My current filter strategy in the creek, where the intake pipe is, is this:

- a large plastic rainbarrel with holes drilled in the sides sits in the creek, about 2/3 under water
- the rainbarrel is filled with gravel
- a piece of drainage pipe sits in the gravel, down to the bottom of the barrel
- my intake pipe slides into the drainage pipe

This helps with initial filtering. An old farmer told me about this approach and it works okay, but not great. Any other ideas out there?

Thanks, GR.
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You filter on the infeed side of the pump to catch anything that could clog or damage the pump and that's it. You want to keep the infeed side as free flowing as possible. Do the fine filtering on the output side of the pump where you have some pressure to work with. You can plumb several home cartridge water filters in parallel or an old pool sand filter.

Basically drip irrigation systems require pretty clean water so I think you will be replacing/cleaning filters no matter what you do. I irrigate with impulse type sprinklers to avoid the filtering issue. They have large orfices so almost everything passes through without clogging. Each gun covers a 150' circle (about 1/3 acre) so I can water the lawn, garden and landscaping all at the same time. Not as water efficient as drip irrigation but less maintenance.
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Question a well beside the creek?

Thanks for the reply! I kind of figured my system was pretty much as advanced as I could get, although my partner says maybe we could explore putting a well in beside the creek and drawing from there.

Any thoughts on that strategy?


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